Jiang Haoyi is the main character in the Cupid's Chocolates Series. He is a normal high school student who is extremely scared of getting into trouble and suddenly becomes the Harem King when four girls that he is associated with confess and have feelings for him after they ate a chocolate cake that he found and soon learns that the cake was made by Mei Tata, a cupid god girl who used magic on the cake. This made the girls have fantasies of being with Haoyi since he was the first to eat the cake and those that eat it will fall in love.

Appearance Edit

Haoyi has black hair and blue eyes. He wears a white shirt and black pants to which looks like some kind of a school uniform. In the web manga, he wears a red tie where in the anime he doesn't wear one.


Haoyi is an only child who lives with his mom and dad. He's the top student in his classes though he prefers to be a loner. His childhood sweetheart is Ouyang Xueli. They've known each other from the moment they were born and were always happy to spend time and play together. They went to school together and both were top students though he seems to dread Xueli because she can be a bit rough on him at times especially when he scores higher than her. Xueli's harassment stopped when she went to the US to study. He seemed to be a bit neglected by his parents as when his teacher, Ji Ran, asked if he was afraid of his parents after getting bad grades though he replied that they didn't have the time to care. Because of this, he also has a long relationship with his teacher who took care of him when his parents weren't at home. He would go over to cook for her, have supplementary lessons, and sleep over. In the web manga, Haoyi's parents background were never mentioned. It is shown in the first season that his father is a salary man and his mother is a housewife. However, in the second season changes have been made where both his parents were police officers who were very dedicated to their duties and that they've never had any time for him. Haoyi's childhood dream was to be a police officer. However, at age 11 he gave up on that dream when Xiao Yan rescued him from kidnappers instead of his dad rescuing him to which Haoyi hoped for. Because of this, Haoyi's belief is that police officers are the worst people.



  • Haoyi has been kissed by some of the girls in the series:
    • The first being Xueli.
    • The second being Zitong.
    • The third being Sandy.
  • In Season 2 Episode 12, it's revealed that Haoyi is Xueli's first boyfriend but was not aware at the time when they were kids and that her ex-boyfriend, Du Yuze, was his substitute.